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Spacefy today announced the launch of the official beta build of its website, www.spacefy.it, following the private release of its pre-beta site.  Feel free to mark your calendars and/or save yesterday’s newspaper to commemorate October 16th, 2014 as the day that the site that will hereafter be known as www.spacefy.it went live in its beta form.  (Trumpets sound. Confetti falls from the sky. Cue fireworks.)

The announcement was made from my desk to a small group of co-workers. We clapped for ourselves, smiled at each other, ate cake, lingered awkwardly… and then went back to our desks and continued working to make sure that all goes well for the new online registrations and sign ups.  These small milestone victories can sometimes lack extravagance when you are a humble start-up.

What now? Well...  If you've got a creative space that you'd like to list on Spacefy, head on over to www.spacefy.it and register to have it listed.  If however, you're on the other end of the spectrum and would be more the type that is looking for spaces, you can head over to the site and sign up as well.  Currently we're only accepting registration listings, as browsing of qualified listings will be made available soon.  For now though, you can still sign up to be notified once this become available.  Know anyone who fits either of the profiles above? Feel free to share this link with them!

So you've done all that. Now what? The Spacefy team will continue to find, register and vet the best creative spaces this city has to offer. Feel free to spread the word and periodically check back with the blog periodically to see what kinds of awesome things we're up to.  We usually try to be a pretty interesting bunch.


The Spacefy Team.


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