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Don’t we all need space at one point or another?
Not the metaphorical space to “find yourself” or “figure things out” or “discover your direction in life after a 2 month long trip in Europe involving a dozen countries and a 7 day music festival”… Although I definitely recommend exploring "that"space, that’s not why I've written this piece.


The space I’m referring to here is more of a "literal space”.  A space to inspire, to create, to produce something awesome, or just have fun doing whatever it is you do as an artist.
Whether you’re a musician, photographer, filmmaker, sculptor, painter, fitness instructor, interpretive dancer, yogi or even just a person looking for a cool place to get some work done… we’re all in need of a space.

Enter Spacefy.

What is Spacefy? Simply put, Spacefy matches creative people with creative spaces.

Let's say a photographer is looking for a setting for a new artistic shoot.  They could log on and browse the listings of different unique locations on Spacefy till they find that perfect backdrop for their project.  On the other hand, let's suppose you've got a great location that would be perfect for said photo shoot.  You could list it on Spacefy and let people easily find it and book it.

As previously mentioned, we're not restricted to photography.  Film, music, art, exhibitions, events, sports, fitness, business,  are all things well suited to Spacefy.

With Spacefy you can:

Find it:
Looking for a cool place for your next photo shoot? Maybe a nice location to record your next single or even a spot with the perfect feng shui for your yoga classes. Browse the online listings on Spacefy to help you find a location that’s best for you!

List it:
Have an awesome location? List it and allow it to be showcased and used by local creative minds to inspire others. Plus you're making money, which is always nice.

Book it:
Once you've found a space or someone who’d like to use yours. Set the dates and details using our simple booking features online and watch the magic happen.

It’s that simple. Try it out!

I should also mention that it's

  • Free to sign up - Registration is quick and easy.
  • Free to list -  Yup. Listing is free and we only make money on successful bookings.
  • Risk free -  You control and approve booking requests, set cancellation policies  to make sure you’re covered in the event things don’t pan out and more.

Have a space to list? Visit www.spacefy.it and give it a shot.

Register today and you could be a part of our launch campaign.  Plus you'd be in great company with spaces ranging from long standing institutions of the Toronto creative scene, as well as new and unique spots you may have never heard of.  To find out more contact us at ask@spacefy.ca .

Looking for a spot? Currently we’re in a pre-launch phase as we vet and build our site library. Booking and browsing of sites will be available soon!

Feel free to spread the word and check back in on us again later!


About Spacefy

Spacefy is an online marketplace that connects creative people with creative spaces.

We help creators find locations suited to their craft and enable space owners to generate new revenue from their space.

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