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So we rescued a dog...

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So it starts like this...

Friday Morning, Mike and I happen to pull into the parking lot across from work at the same time.  This is odd for a couple of reasons.  One; I live across the street and never drive in unless I have somewhere to go right after work.  Two; We literally pulled into the lot at the exact same time, which also never happens...

It seems like fate put us there because shortly after we parked and were walking in, Mike noticed what appeared to be a dog sitting in a car by itself.  At first we thought maybe they had just gotten here, the owner must be close by, maybe they are just dropping something off...etc. But the windows were frosted like that of a car that has been off for a while.

We decided to check it out and saw that inside there was a young female american Bulldog or Terrier mix.  The car had obviously been there a long time as there was no snow underneath it. The interior was ripped up and there were parts of the car that she had used as a bathroom as she obviously couldn't get outside on her own.  The small window behind the rear passenger window was also broken, not sure what happened here but it was obvious she had been there overnight and she needed to get out.  She was sticking her head out of it to grab our attention and she was also shivering and shedding quite a bit. The car was a disaster and it was clear she wasn't supposed to be there by herself.

Puppy Locked in Frozen Car


Upon seeing all of this we contacted the parking attendant and called the police along with the Toronto Humane Society. Some passerby's also expressed their concern and offered help in the form of blankets and making calls.   The police arrived and we got her out of the car and decided to warm her up in my car. Here we are enjoying some warmth together.

Frozen Puppy Rescue

We decided to name her Elsa, as she was frozen and locked away in a frozen space. We then transferred her over to the police cruiser as they had to take her until they figured out how this had all happened.   She was very well behaved and even though she was cut, frozen and stuck in there all night, she didn't bark or act out of turn.

Here she is looking guilty in the back of the cruiser.  The guilty look was most likely due to her having pooped in the back of the cruiser. We found out shortly thereafter.

Puppy with the Police

The officers took our names and assured us they'd get back to us regarding how they would deal with the owner and more importantly, what would happen to Elsa and if we had the option to adopt etc.

The entire Spacefy team is glad that she's doing OK and is looking forward to hearing about her new home.  If you're interested in adopting her or another animal that needs a home and a little love, please head on over to www.torontohumanesociety.com .








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