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An update on Elsa: All is well

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As you may have read, a few weeks back we rescued a dog that was left in a car overnight during some of our more frigid weather.  After freeing her and getting her into the hands of police and animal services we decided to follow up on her and see how she was doing.

Warming her up in the car after we found her. Warming up in the car right after we rescued her.

After being taken into foster care and examined, she was found to be in good health. A checkup from animal services found there was no major signs of neglect.  It turned out that the owner had been put into some dire circumstances and had no other place to put her for the night.  After getting back onto their feet, and being interviewed and being vetted to prove that they had a place and means to care for an animal. Once they knew this was the case and the waiting period was over,  Elsa was given back to her owner and we're told she is sheltered, safe and living happily.  We were also assured that there are follow up interviews and inspections to make sure that she continues to be treated well and in good care.

While it's always tough hearing about people who've fallen on hard times and as a result have their pets suffer. We're glad that in this situation, Elsa proved to be a motivation and driving force in getting this person back on their feet, and being reunited  with their companion. We had her for only a couple hours and we developed an instant bond with her. I cant imagine having her and losing her.  I sincerely hope she continues to be safe and happy.





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