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Introducing Flex Rate

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We’re busy working away here at Spacefy to get the platform ready for our upcoming launch. We’ve implemented some major changes based on host feedback and are pleased to announce Flex Rate. This unique tool gives you the opportunity to set a price as unique as your space.

What is Flex Rate?
Flex Rate gives you the opportunity to change the price for your space based on each unique project request you receive.

How does Flex Rate work?
Each listing has a Request Price button. A creator will write to you with details of how they intend to use the space and tell you how long they'd like to book it. Based on this you’ll make them an offer, which they can then accept, decline, or make you a counter offer. Negotiations end when the offer is accepted or declined by one of the parties.

What is the difference between Flex Rate and Set Price?
Set Price is the simplest way to list your space. List your space with an hourly or daily rate and accept or decline each request that comes in. With Flex Rate, creators will request a quote, and you can negotiate until both parties agree on the final rate.

Whichever type of pricing you choose, you always have full control over prices, scheduling, operating hours, cancellation rules, corresponding with the creator and the ability to approve or deny all bookings.

How do I add Flex Rate to my listing?
After logging into your account, click My Listing, find the listing you would like, and click Edit. You will find the option to choose Flex Rate or Set Price under Details.

Where can I find my Flex Rate requests?
Messages will appear in your My Booking Requests, where you can either approve it or offer a counter price.


Do I need to switch to Flex Rate?
No, if you wish to charge the same rate for every booking, you can stay with Set Price.

Why should I use Flex Rate?
If you’re unsure about what price to post for your listing, Flex Rate is a good place to start. It is also useful if you want to offer variable pricing to each individual creator who wants to book your space.


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