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Space Check: best small music venue Musideum

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Located in the creative 401 Richmond building, Musideum is a music museum that is also one of the best small music venues Toronto has to offer. Founder and Owner Donald Quan describes Musideum as "the manifestation of my own dream" while his business partner, Roger Sader, describes the space as "a home where music is the language."

Stepping inside Musideum, one's eyes are drawn to the instruments lining the walls - some recognisable such as tambourines, guitars, or even duck whistles; but some are unique that can only be found at Musideum. The venue hosts a number of concerts throughout the year in its small and intimate space, with the primary goal not being to make money, but to bring people together. The concerts range in size from a solo piano concerto to a group of 14 instrumentalists. There's a projector for visuals, adjustable lights to get the mood just right, and cushions to keep the audience relaxed. The set up of the room is left to the performers. Artists are welcome to pick up and play any of the instruments they find, including the handmade German piano (the only instrument not for sale).

Space Check: best small music venue Musideum

"When you have a performer that's committed to a very intimate and personal performance they're definitely not there to sell you anything, so you get insight to a very personal part of their lives, and on how they play," says Roger. "A lot of the concerts at Musideum are very inspirational because you get to see the artists without any barriers."

Musideum is more than a performance venue, it's a community for musicians to perform, compose, and create. "Imagine one day somebody says 'I will give you a power to communicate with various people from various cultures from various places with various languages and you don't need to say a single word - all you have to do is play.' Just imagine how fulfilling that is. We are a community driven species, we need communication."

This communication was evident at our most recent Meetup, when Roger invited everyone to pick up an instrument and speak to the person beside them without saying a single word. What started as background music eventually turned into a collective of drums, bass, piano, and vocals coming together to create a unique and original sound. Just check out the video below.

Musideum's acoustics make it an ideal recording studio. As Donald says, "today, with iPhones, cameras, etc. anybody can create a very high quality recording, which allows more people to access the art form. More projects hopefully means more music."

If you've ever thought about organising your own concert, recording your own album, or you even just want a space to rehearse, contact Musideum here to book one of Toronto's best small music venues to showcase your talents.

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Musideum sells unique instruments and offers a space for musicians to showcase their talents. From displaying to playing, they sell a full range of wind, percussion, and string instruments. They host a number of concerts throughout the year, from classical to experimental. www.musideum.com


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