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How to take beautiful photos of your Spacefy listing

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Eye catching photos can grab a creator’s attention when browsing Spacefy and providing strong visuals of your space can help make or break a decision about booking.

Beautiful photos will help your listing get more clicks, and help creators understand if your space will suit their purpose; a filmmaker, artist, or event planner may have a certain aesthetic in mind.

If you need new photos we'll come take some for free, just email ask@spacefy.it to get in touch with us. If you’re shooting them yourself, here are six tips to help you get started.

1. Let the light in
Shoot your space during daylight hours. The sun is some of the best (free!) lighting available to show the depth, colours, and details of your space. Also be sure to turn on all the lights in the room for the best and brightest photo.

If your space is underground or has no windows, ensure you are shooting in good lighting conditions that flatter the space.

Studio GBJ | Spacefy

2. Stage the space
Tidy your space, remove clutter, and hide anything that doesn’t need to be seen in the frame in the next room. Feel free to stage some shots too - if you have a photography studio for rent, show what it looks like when the camera and the lights are set up to give users an idea of how the space can be used. If you have yoga classes in your space, show your studio with a room full of students in namaste.

While it’s important to give users an idea, don’t go overboard with staging and make false promises with your photos.

Studio Cozy | Spacefy

3. Mind the angles
Shoot from the corner to show off the maximum amount of space in the frame. Don’t be afraid to show off an angle asides from eye level - shoot low from the ground or stand on a chair (safely!) for a bird’s eye view.

Shoot all your photos landscape, not portrait, as they work best with the Spacefy platform.

Unikron Video Studio | Spacefy

4. Get up close
Show off what makes your space unique - do you have a hot tub? Cool mural? Interesting ceiling? Great view? Unique instruments? Retro washing machine? Find some amenities and details for close up photos to give creators an idea of what makes your listing different than the others. Show the personality of your space!

5. Ensure photos match the description
If you’ve already written your description, think of shooting photos that will match what you wrote (if you need help, read our guide to writing an enticing listing description). Put yourself in the creator’s shoes - what will s/he be expecting to see? The photos will be at the top of your listing, so after looking at the photos, think about what the creator will be expecting to read.

Cube Night Club | Spacefy

6. The more the merrier
The more photos a creator sees, the more confident they’ll feel to book. Remember to put your best foot forward and upload your strongest image first. Spacefy currently has no limit on the number of photos you can add to your listing - but you can only add ten at a time.



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