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How to write an enticing listing description

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A creator has clicked on your listing, but how do you entice them to book your space on Spacefy? Writing an informative description can not only help you get found in search, but also give creators the information and confidence to click that Request Price button. Below, we offer a guide to writing an enticing description for your listing (we have one for shooting stunning photographs too).

The Title
The title for your Spacefy listing is the first thing people will see, so it’s important to make it eye catching and grab the creators’ attention. Instead of simply calling your listing “condo on King West”, “nightclub downtown”, or the name of your business, let your title tell a story. Open Studio in a Renovated 1894 Church on Queen West is a good example, as it gives the creator a great visual in their mind of the appearance of the space, as well as its potential use - it could be a dance space for rent, used for a fitness class in downtown Toronto, or a photography studio rental.

Open studio in a renovated 1894 church on Queen West | Spacefy

Short Description
Think of the short description on your Spacefy listing as the elevator pitch for your space. In a few words, describe the look and feel, what makes it unique, and what makes it stand out from other listings. Converted Steeple Penthouse has a good example of a short description: One of a kind multi level loft in the top of a converted church. Stunning 360 degree view of the city from the steeple tower lounge.

Converted Steeple Penthouse | Spacefy

Long Description
The long description is your chance to tell creators everything they need to know about your space before they book. Think of the format of the long description as an inverted pyramid - write the most important pieces of information first, then get down to all the details. Here's how to break it down, paragraph by paragraph:

1. Your first paragraph should start as an expanded version of your short description. Below are some questions to get you started. The answers to these can form the sentences to your opening paragraph.

- Where is it located? You don't have to give your address, but mention the neighbourhood, closest major intersection, or landmarks.

- What year was it built?

- What features does it have that nowhere else does? What makes it unique?

- Describe what it's like to be in the space - think of descriptive words such as bright, modern, retro, intimate, welcoming, sophisticated, etc.

- Try to walk the creator through the space with your words - what do they see when they enter? How does it feel to be in the space?

- Why should someone book your space and not another one?

2. For the second paragraph, discuss the amenities in the space such as adjustable lighting, the sound board, size of the stage, how many people can be accommodated, or maybe you even have a recording studio with a hot tub!

Also be sure to mention the decor - the type of flooring (wood, cement, etc), colour of the walls, height of the ceilings, view from the windows or balcony, etc. The more accurately you can paint a picture of your listing, the more helpful it is for a creator to gain an understanding of the space and encourage him/ her to inquire.

It's also helpful to list all the amenities if there are a lot, as it makes it easier to read. Photo studio Daily Studio Rental gives a great example of listing all amenities.

Yorkville Loft | Spacefy

3. The third paragraph should give creators a sense of how your space could be used. If your space has been used in the past, mention the films, commercials, musicians, etc that have been there. If your space has not yet had its chance to shine, mention what kind of projects have the potential to be created in the space.

This Yorkville Loft offers a short and informative description, ending with the mention of projects that have been filmed there, giving the creator confidence.

4. The final paragraph is your last chance to make creators want to click that Request Price button! Make sure to sound friendly and welcoming, as well as offer to answer any questions. Give creators confidence that you would be a great host.

Have questions about writing a great listing? Ask in the comments below!


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