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Space Check: Port Credit Steampunk House

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A one-of-a-kind home nestled amongst rows of houses that are all the same, this Port Credit steampunk house just outside of Toronto is available for film shoots and photoshoots. Spacefy recently caught up with owner Tom Barlow to discuss his home built from the blueprints of his dreams.

Steampunk Open Art Concept House is a steampunk enthusiast's dream: a perfect combination of leather furniture, metal pipes, vintage typewriters, old clocks, and live edge wood. The details of the home, as well as the neutral walls, make it an ideal backdrop for photoshoots.

steampunk house Spacefy

It's not every day that you enter a home built by someone's imagination, but this Port Credit steampunk house is just that. "I moved into a little house and too many of them look the same - everyone buys the same paint, same furniture, etc." says Barlow. "I have a talented friend who’s a contractor, and I told him I wanted unique things. I told him I had an idea for a dining room table floating from pipes attached to the ceiling and he just went with it. We built all the furniture, and the lighting fixtures are one of a kind."

A focal point in the house, the spiral staircase is something Barlow has wanted since he was a kid. He's also always loved lofts, hence why the bedroom has been designed this way. The painting in the living room was painted by his friend Steve McDonald, and shows a psychadelic steampunk ship on the Great Lakes. "The ship in the painting is actually modeled on one I’ve actually played on," Barlow tells me.

steampunk painting Spacefy

A full time musician ("it's the only job I've ever had") Barlow's home is currently a musician's hangout well suited to good late night jams. However, Barlow says he wants to see it used on Spacefy for commercials, short films, or for a photographer looking for a unique backdrop.

The house doesn't stay the same for very long. When asked about his favourite part, Barlow tells me "I love the loft, but the newest thing in the house is always my favourite. I recently acquired a circa 1800s sewing machine and turned it into a bedroom vanity. The whole place is a work in progress. The house is like a song - you tinker with it, something pops into your head, and you add something to it."

steampunk house Spacefy

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