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Space Check: Junction Triangle's Kicking Tire Studio

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An affordable studio space for rent, Toronto’s Kicking Tire Studio is located in the up-and-coming Junction Triangle. Available for a multitude of uses, from photography to even a hypnosis class (yes, really!), this blank canvas is ideal for projects of any shape and size.

Kicking Tire Studio could be described as a “raw space” - with concrete floors, white brick walls, plenty of sunlight coming in the east facing windows, and a neatly set up studio space. There’s a vanity mirror with lights, as well as a kitchen and bathroom, making the space fully self sufficient for any kind of photography or film shoot.

I sit down to talk with Patrick Hodgson, a film director, producer, photographer and founder of Kicking Tire Films. After looking for a dedicated office space earlier this year, he found even a small monthly rental for work and client meetings was going to be costly. After finding a space for the same price that could house a studio, his editing suite, and host business meetings, he knew it was too good to turn down - and wants to pay it forward.


“My main focus is my film company,” explains Hodgson. “However, I want this studio to be open to the community and a resource for artists. We only charge $20 an hour, so shooting headshots for a few hours will only cost [a photographer] about $40. I just want to meet a lot of artists, see them working, stay busy, and get a lot of traffic here. To me, that’s more satisfying than having an expensive studio that makes a lot of money.”

Although making money isn’t the priority, listing on Spacefy has made that part easy. “We were on the site for a week when we already had someone book for two full days. It’s a no hassle system, which is ideal. For us, we can rent out the studio while we work in the back.”

Kicking Tire Studio are open to bookings of any type and has already been used for a variety of projects including auditions, rehearsals, corporate videos, music videos, photoshoots, headshots, product photography, yoga classes, and even a full weekend self-hypnosis workshop for 20 students. The space can accommodate a green screen, lighting rig, and features 36 feet of space from the studio backdrop to the back wall for really long shots.

Kicking Tire Studio Spacefy

It’s the affordability of the space that makes it so unique. “[My favourite thing about the space is] that it inspires you to create. It’s not overwhelming, as you’re not spending a fortune to be here. It’s also changed the way I work, and impacted my personal practice.”

Hodgson’s personal practice ranges from commercials to short films to weddings. One of his most recent films, Getting Ready For a Lunch Date, was screened at 15 film festivals worldwide. On his website he describes himself as a documentary filmmaker, not a wedding videographer. “Weddings are great for money but I didn’t want to fall into that crowd,” he explains. “I do what I like and I put that [description] on my site just to clarify. But I’ve found this huge niche market for people who like what I do. It’s great to be able to practice my craft while doing [weddings], and keep creatively fresh at the same time.”

Finally, I have to ask, why the name Kicking Tire Studio? “I found the name when I wrapped one of my short films, Driving Ian. The last scene has the main character kicking a tire. It’s that strong emotional moment - all that drama and passion that would lead you to kick a tire. That’s what movies are all about.”

Kicking Tire Studio Spacefy

Spacefy connects creative people with creative spaces, such as Kicking Tire Studio, through a marketplace of private and commercial rentals for short-term and long-term use. Our creative spaces can be used for film, photography, music, dance, fitness and more. Spacefy also helps facilitate the monetization of non-traditional commercial and private spaces, allowing everyday people to make extra money renting out their unique space. www.spacefy.it

Kicking Tire Studio is the home of Kicking Tire Films, a full service, cutting edge production company with a focus on service, innovation and bang for your buck. Kicking Tire was founded in August 2015 by Patrick Hodgson, a full-time freelance director, editor, photographer, and video producer, who's passionate about film, the arts, collaborating and the community. www.kickingtire.com


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