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Photographers...They are always looking for strong visuals to grab the attention of your audience. Accomplishing this takes more than just a camera, an object of focus, and angles to execute your creative vision.

What if your location budget isn't as big as your vision? For many artists (particularly those starting out), having a budget dedicated to a location can sometimes be difficult.  The following blog piece suggests some simple but time honoured methods that can help save you some money without sacrificing the quality of your work.



Exchange Professional Courtesies 

If you are interested in setting up a shoot for experience or self marketing, then consider offering your services. For a free photoshoot, many small businesses would be happy to supply the subject and location. Your portfolio is enriched with their marketing materials. Obviously you can't put a roof over your head or pay for groceries with "exposure", but sometimes it's worth it to put yourself out there for people and you may be surprised at what happens when you give your skills without the intention of getting back.


Collaborate With Like Minded Creatives

Have a friend who is a stylist or who has outstanding taste? You probably do.  It’s likely that you’re able to pull together some like-minded creatives who are looking for a venture to pad their professional resume, add to their portfolio, or simply hone their skills. Why go at it alone when there are others who are on similar paths as you.  Group up and gain some experience together. It is likely that you will be able to find some talented individuals who are willing to work with you, this in turn can help diffuse costs and make things more accessible. This could be renting out a co-working space or sharing costs for a studio session.

Photoshoot with Spacefy On location with Spacefy: The numerous hands it takes to get the right shot.


Creatives Barter Their Talent

It's pretty hard to do things alone. A good photo shoot needs makeup, wardrobe, set design and at least one hair stylist. Leaving these sorts of people out of the process, you may look at your end product and feel that a certain something is missing.  These roles add a certain polish and finesse to a project. Some of these people have been known to work on bartered trade such as photography displaying a stylist’s skill, or images to be used for a portfolio, or even being able to work on a marquee project with a well known name.


Location, Location, Location.

We've heard this adage a million times. Picking an ideal location is paramount. Many amateurs might assume they can set up in a park somewhere to get great pictures, and sometimes you can. That's the beauty of photography!

However there are those times where the parameters of a project are just too tight and you want to be very particular about the location for your shoot. Maybe you need the look of a summer beach house in January, or the look of a beachside LA home in Toronto.  The backdrop of your shoot establishes a mood that dominates the entire photograph (even if it's slightly out of focus). There are also practical elements to consider; nature does not always cooperate, open spaces are not always free, you may encounter noise issues, privacy concerns and general distraction from the public.

Renting a good space is not free, but it doesn't have to be expensive! There are ways to do a photoshoot on your budget. This is where Spacefy can help. We specialize in connecting creatives with spaces for their projects, productions, events, classes, etc.

On Spacefy you can find studios, homes, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and so much more. We've worked to build a relationship with multiple spaces in various cities to source locations at all price points. Whether you're just starting out, or a professional photographer who's seen it all, Spacefy offers an impressive selection of venues ranging from $25/hour to $10,000/day!

Empty photo studio with lighting equipmentReady to start creating? Curious about what Spacefy has? Check out the selection of spaces here!

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