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Welcome to Spacefy, home of the SpaceRep program. In this blog, we will help guide SpaceReps to finding and listing your first space on spacefy.

For those of you who don’t know what a SpaceRep is, you should probably take a quick look at our first blog to find out how to become one (don’t worry, we’re not judging you). For those of you interested in becoming a SpaceRep or may already be a SpaceRep, let us reassure you that it’s easy to find spaces. They’re all around you -- in fact you’re probably in a bookable space right now reading this.

If you are already a SpaceRep but are having some difficulty tracking down top notch spaces, here are some pointers.

  1. Keep your eye out for any space that can be used for… pretty much anything. It could be a home, loft, restaurant, bar, dance studio, rehearsal space, recording studio, empty warehouse, retail store, café, event venue, farm, private estate, industrial area… Basically, think of a place, and the answer is probably “Yes, you can list it.”
  2. Almost every space has creative potential. A farmhouse could be used for a wedding or a photo shoot. A restaurant could be used for a private party or a film. A loft can be used for a yoga class or a small art show. A classroom could be used to start a club. The possibilities are endless.
  3. Currently in-use spaces can also be signed up, because they’re not always busy. Think about it: even the busiest spaces take breathers. Take a nightclub as an example. Sure on Thursday and Saturday evenings, you probably couldn’t find a spot to put a drink, but during the other hours and days of the week, it’s quieter than a library. And during those times you can book that nightclub for a million different things - a film shoot, concert, an office party, the list goes on. It gives owners a whole new way to monetize their space during times it would otherwise be closed.
  4. Business owners are always looking to generate extra money. As a SpaceRep, your job is to do two things: explain how their space can earn them some extra money, and provide them the information needed to get started. You are facilitating a win-win scenario, so don’t be shy!
  5. Remember that you get a percentage of the earnings whenever a space is booked, so be on the lookout for spaces that you believe have potential. In-demand spaces help Spacefy, and they also help you!

Our Spaces

Check out some spaces already listed on Spacefy - you’ll surprise yourself by how easy it is to find similar places to these.











This Toronto Space  “Retail Gallery” was used for an engagement party.











This New York Space “Reel Creative Studios” was used for a commercial photo shoot.











The Vancouver Space “Tavern At The New Oxford “ was used as a cooking class by day and a small concert venue by night.

Atlanta Studio

The Atlanta Space, “Studio” was used for an art show and yoga classes.

Okay I know what you’re thinking, “once I find a place, how do I sign it up?" Well that’s the easiest part. You just need to have a quick chat with the space owner/manager to come up with an agreement that works for them. Then, the space owner/manager can list the space themselves using your unique SpaceRep code. If you’re a Super SpaceRep (I kind of like the way that sounds), then you can list it on their behalf. To list on an owner's behalf, just follow these simple directions:

  1. Sign into your SpaceRep account at spacefy.it/spacerep - If you aren’t a SpaceRep yet and skimmed over our advice in the first paragraph, click here to sign up now. Don’t forget to come back.
  2. Go to your 'profile' page.
  3. Click the “List on behalf of the space owner” button.
  4. Fill in the listing form with the owner’s information.
  5. The owner will receive a space registration notification that they will need to confirm. The owner can review all of the information that you filled out - and if they are happy with it, they can submit it for listing on Spacefy.
  6. The fresh new space is now available for reservations from Spacefy users all across North America and is credited as listed by the SpaceRep - that’s you! You can check out all of your listings on your profile page. The more you list, the better your creds look.

Now, how do you make your spaces stand out among the rest? Add your own personal touch by taking a beautiful photo of your listing. You can also learn a thing or two here on how to write an enticing listing description. That extra finesse might just get your space booked sooner and more frequently - which means quicker money for you!

So what are you waiting for? Remember, listing a space on Spacefy is free. We only make money when you do. We’re all in this together.


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