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How To Make Money From Your Rooftop

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Photographer: Don Charleone, City Kids Photographer: Charile aka Don Charleone, City Kids


While we can't guarantee that you'll break the internet like Drake's "Views" album cover did... it is likely that if you own a beautiful rooftop or rooftop patio, you may be able to cash in and make some additional coin with your view.

Rooftops are now considered prime real estate for photographers, influencers and event planners and they are not afraid to spend some cash on a great location with stunning views.

How exactly can your rooftop attract these creatives? It’s not rocket science. If you own a rooftop, you own a view. Through Spacefy we can connect you to clients who want to capitalize on that view. Here's a short list of potential clients that could be looking for your rooftop.

Photographer: Sharmarke Abd,i re.mark Photographer: Sharmarke Abdi, re.mark


Some of the greatest photographers are known for taking pictures with breathtaking views of skylines and city landmarks. With each photo, photographers inspire, motivate and illustrate a somewhat Hollywood story-line produced from their own point-of-view. Skilled and driven photographers such as Toronto’s Sharmarke (@re.mark) and Charlie (@DonCharleone) has made it a mandate to push the photography limits in quality, location and storyline. Both Charlie and Sharmarke’s photography consists of sky-high shots and aerial views of Toronto which brings a fresh perspective to the city. Their skill set and exceptional work has also been recognized by ‘heavyweight’ brands as Complex Mag, OVO, Nike, Hypebeast and more.

Alexander Kenton via @AlexanderKenton


In today’s consumer market, clients want to be entertained, inspired and feel somewhat connected to all the products they consume. In doing so, marketing directors create campaigns that reflect the lifestyle of their brand which also include the scenery of the photoshoot. Daily, brands and thousands of influencers hired by brands, book rooftops offering unique views that meet the brands “image” requirements. Alexander Liang  (@Alexander Kenton) a successful brand influencer from Toronto who constantly creates high-end photoshoots on spectacular rooftop patios, often next to famous city landmarks. Partnering with brands such as Adidas or Town Shoes, Alexander skillfully chooses locations that complement his sponsor and his brand image, while inspiring the wishful ambitions of his 118k followers.

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, New York via 230 Fifth Rooftop Bar, New York

Event Planners

Is your rooftop large? Is it equipped with tables/chairs?  Close to a kitchen? If so your rooftop can be a ‘secret gem’ for professional event planners. Similar to photographers and influencers, event planners are always looking for sky-high locations with amazing views. More importantly, if your rooftop is equipped with a quality sound system and bar, you're more likely to get requests from wedding planners, professional event creators and even requests from corporate events productions.

What these creatives look for in a rooftop space?

  • Unique views of city landscapes
  • Views of sunsets
  • Views of city landmarks (CN Tower)
  • The option to view city lights at night
  • Unique patio layouts (pools, grass, cabanas)
  • Elevation: Often the higher the building, the better the view

Rooftops on Spacefy that fit “The-Cut” 

The Thompson Hotel – Toronto (CAD $5000 per day) The Thompson Hotel Rooftop Bar offers breathtaking views of Toronto’s Skyline, Lake Ontario and is equipped with an infinity pool and lounge cabanas.

Monarch - New York (CAD $1290 per hour) Monarch is a Scandinavian chic indoor lounge and outdoor rooftop deck. Located 18 floors above the heart of Herald Square, Monarch has perfect breathtaking views of the Midtown Manhattan Skyline and the Empire State Building.

230 Fifth Rooftop Bar – New York, NY (CAD $645 per hour) 230 Fifth is among Manhattan's largest indoor and outdoor rooftop-bar and event spaces. Apart from its amazing views, 230 also offers an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet and a wide range of specialty cocktails.

The Fifth Grill & Terrace - Toronto (CAD $300 per hour) The Fifth Grill & Terrace is an intimate fine-dining restaurant that offers a spectacular view of the city skyline and French cuisine by Chef JP Challet.

Loft172 – Brooklyn (CAD $129 per hour) Loft172 is a large creative space that has been recently completed with a grass installed rooftop, which is perfect for simple yet chic photoshoots.


Rooftops, especially rooftop patios are prime real estate not only for creatives such as photographers, influencers and event planners, but also for big brands looking to inspire or create something new for their audience. The standards to create and inspire through media rises everyday, help raise that bar and start earning some extra cash, sign up your rooftop on Spacefy.it today.


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