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Standardized: A comedy series looking to make change to industry 'standards'

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Lipe Standardized

Culture diversity in shows or mainstream media are few and far in-between. Parabolica, a production company based in Toronto, Canada, is looking to make changes to film industry 'standards' through their comedy web-series Standardized. They look to add a different perspective to comedy by creating cultural diverse roles through their popular web-series.  The YouTube comedy show follows an aspiring Latin American actor named Lipe who attempts to get rid of his accent to become an international movie star. It's an interesting take on a 'fictional reality' as Lipe IS an aspiring Latin American actor... and so much more.

It follows his attempts to become an international movie star and has a wide-range of funny culture diverse characters that help Lipe on this journey to Hollywood stardom. Currently on their second season, Standardized brings audiences laughter and insight into the daily struggles of an upcoming immigrant actor.

In a way, the story of how Standardized came together relates to Spacefy, and why we created this service.  By networking through social media at various levels and via different industry events, Lipe was able to bring together creatives that shared a similar vision for Standardized. “It was easy,” Lipe said, “I utilized different social meet-ups and social media platforms like Instagram to meet creatives.” Some of these actors also help Lipe and the Parabolica team in writing scripts for different characters.


Having been acting for over 10 years, Lipe who is originally from Rio, Brazil finds great joy in leading a team of over 50 people for these productions. When asked about the difficulties during production he cheerfully said, "Each project presents a challenge, but thankfully, locations aren't something that I have to worry about" . Five episodes of Standardized were filmed in a location that he found via Spacefy and he continues to use the platform to find new and unique spaces. When asked about his thoughts on our platform he said "Spacefy is a great tool. I can find affordable locations from the comfort of my home or wherever I happen to be. Locations are very important to me and so browsing on Spacefy is one of the first things I do when creating a project.”

Show support for some of Toronto's talent and check out the full web series of Standardized at www.StandardizedSeries.com  



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