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Toronto's top creatives meet at a Spacefy ‘Creative Sessions’ networking event

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By Spacefy Team   | 

Our first Spacefy ‘Creative Sessions’ networking event, made possible with Shoes.com (@shoemeca) and Ace Hill Beer (@acehillbeer), is in the books!

The evening featured the eclectic sounds of Toronto fashion DJ OlenOnly (@olenonly) and the buzzing conversations of some of Toronto’s top creatives. To keep the vibe casual and cool, creatives were given color coated bracelets to wear upon entering the Shoes.com boutique. Each color was a label which identified each creative to their craft. These bracelets lead to easy meaningful conversations where each creator, either photographer, designer, stylist, event planner or space owner, discussed their upcoming projects and exchanged information.

Spacefy Creative Sessions - via ShaemaraPhotography Credit: Shaemara  IG:@shaemara_ Twitter: @shaemara

The smooth taste of Toronto’s very own Ace Hill Beer (@acehillbeer) and complimentary snacks added to the ‘good vibes’ of the event. Many of our creatives decided to take advantage of Shoes.com’s exclusive ‘Creative Sessions’ 40% off sale on all merchandise in the store. Others creatives decided to sign up to our Spacefy platform and receive our 15% off bookings promo.

Spacefy Creative Sessions via Shaemara Photography Credit: Shaemara  IG:@shaemara_ Twitter: @shaemara

During the ‘Creative Sessions’, the co-founders of Spacefy, Judeh Sidway, Alyas Ali, and Moya Semaan, had the opportunity to discuss projects, possible partnerships and learn more about these creative industry movers. Our team and other creatives had the opportunity to talk to International bass player for The Stella’s and Johnny Reid, Nick Czarnogorski (@nczarnogorski), Rob Gambino (@robgambino) founder of Streets of Toronto (@StreetsOfToronto), executive producer/founder of Goodfun and Runtowellness Jacob Morris (@jacobmorris), singer/songwriter Tika Simone (@Tikathecreator), singer/songwriter/producer Andreena Mill (@andreenamusic), and International Burlesque performer/producer Red Herring (@aredherring).

Spacefy Creative Sessions via ShaemaraPhotography Credit: Shaemara  IG:@shaemara_ Twitter: @shaemara

Toronto’s fashion community was also in full force at our ‘Creative Sessions’ event. International fashion stylist Bobby Bowen (@bobbybowen),  International Pride event planner Gairy Brown, creative brand director/co-founder of The Collections Dwayne Kennedy (@dwaynetc), professional fashion photographer Tony Lei (@tonylei), jewelry designer Edi Canedo (@cucharajewelry), singer/photographer Shaemara (@shaemara_), designer/artist Deidra Hunter (@drahuws) and fashion menswear blogger Abdulla Khatib (@absdulla) all had a chance to discuss future collections, ideas, and the incorporation of the Spacefy into their daily lives.

Spacefy Creative Sessions via Kyara Tetreuallt Photography Credit: Kyara Tetreuallt IG:@kyaraonline

Best of all, we were able to get a glimpse of upcoming Toronto talent  such as actor/filmmaker Orane Anderson (@oraneanderson_), creative writer Tanya Khalil (@tanyakhalil), singer/ songwriter Desire Kaniki (@monsieurdesire), actress Michelle (@michellemylett), singer/producer Apria Kain (@adriakain), singer/photographer Kyara (@kyaraonline), and bass player from the band Little Lotus, Hector Vijil (@hectorios1 ). There were a lot more creatives, and industry heavy-weights, but we couldn’t name them all!

Spacefy Creative Sessions via Kyara Tetreuallt Photography Credit: Kyara Tetreuallt IG:@kyaraonline

Overall the night was a success! Future Spacefy ‘Creative Sessions' are already being planned, some in different cities, where we look to build a solid supportive relationship in the creative industry. We hope everyone made a connection, and are starting new projects with the help of our ‘Creative Sessions'. We look forward to following up with every creative that was present until then we will see you at the next Creative Sessions!


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