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Album Studio, Studio A

With every new booking, Album Studio is becoming a staple in Toronto’s photography industry. Owned by award-winning photographer James Tse, the full-service studio includes five different unique spaces. Three studios are located within the same space as the head office and two others are just off-site and down the street. Each studio offers flexible and unique features that address the specific needs of photographers, videographers, producers, PR agencies, and events planners. Album Studio’s premier 1550 sq. ft studio, Studio A, features a floor-to-ceiling north light window-wall, heated floors, an exclusive loading dock, a private patio, and a chic kitchen which makes it a favorite space for many clients. One of these notable clients includes Canada’s Fashion Magazine who recently rented Studio A for an editorial photo shoot with International fashion model Coco Rocha and International L’oreal makeup artist Sir John.

via Album Studio's Instagram - Fashion Magazine, Coco Rocha, Sir John

Album Studio is no stranger to high-profile fashion or commercial photo shoots. Last year they welcomed Canada’s Prime Minister, the Honorable Justin Trudeau, for a Toronto Life Magazine photo shoot. Recently, this amazing Spacefy listing was a part of RE/SET’s two-day fashion event in February.  RE/SET, created by fashion production agency The Collections, in collaboration with Robin Kay, President of the Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC), seeks to “clearly identify the fashion industry as a pillar of commerce and culture in Canada.” Album Studio’s Studio-B welcomed RE/SET for a beauty test photo shoot. The shoot was sponsored by Spacefy, Album Studio, Shoppers Drug Mart, and P1M Toronto and it kicked off the start of RE/SET's interactive two-day fashion event.

via Album Studio Instagram - Toronto Life Magazine, PM Justin Trudeau

“Toronto’s film & photography industry as a whole is growing and we've seen an increase in bookings, especially those coming from the United States”, says Album Studio's Shelia McElrea. “We've also seen a lot of high profile and high budget bookings. It seems like there is never a dull moment at the studio.”

RE/SET Beauty Test Shoot, Studio B via Judeh Siwady

Album Studio has years of experience and a diverse portfolio of studios and spaces. We asked Shelia what she believes to be the "secret sauce" to Album Studio’s success and if she had any advice to other Spacefy locations. Here are a few of the things Sheila shared with us.

Keep it neat
It goes without saying, cleanliness is important and is something every studio should keep as one of their priorities.
Many of our clients appreciate our clean studios and we know a clean and tidy studio can have a big impact on a client’s photo shoot.

Keep it consistent
Consistency is key and is very important in regards to maintaining your existing business structure.
Once you have a business structure in place, things like pricing, the level of service, client relationship practices, customer experience, and overall satisfaction must be consistent to that structure or you may risk losing clients.

Keep the customer happy
Obviously, customer service is an important part of any business. It can separate your brand apart from the competition.  Most importantly, it's an incentive for clients to give you repeat business and new referrals. We try to be helpful, find out the details of the event or photo shoot and then fulfill the request of the client the best way we can. We try to make everyone happy.

Album Studios, Studio B

A huge thank you to Shelia and Album Studio for hosting the Collections, RE/SET and Spacefy!

Album Studio’s five ‘blank canvases’ (Studio A- E) are the perfect location for seasoned professionals. Check out Album Studio on Spacefy and stay tuned for more Spacefy events.

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