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Cotuto - Survival skills class

Back in the day community centres were known as the best place to find community workshops and classes; whether you wanted to learn woodworking, how to knit a sweater, or even fix your lawnmower, you could always find a place to sign up for a class on almost anything. This worked well, but there were issues, a lot of these classes were only listed in the community centre’s paper catalog, updated information about classes were only given on-site, some classes required that you had to sign up in person, and popular classes meant long early morning line-ups or calling different community centres to check available spots. These issues were time-consuming for people that wanted to learn but, had to sacrifice precious time to register for these classes.

Among these problems is that there was never a central place to view all the workshops in your city or other cities. Finding a good workshop involved visiting multiple community hubs or shops and many times this resulted in not finding a class of your taste. Lee Haber’s friend encountered the same problem when searching for woodworking classes. Her disappointment turned into an idea which brought Lee to building Cotuto.  “What if we could take all the workshops in our city and place them all online so that there would be one spot where you could see all the courses and locations available?” Cotuto was the answer.

Cotuto - Cooking class

“You should never stop learning,” says Lee, “I remember my grandfather going to the library in windy Winnipeg winters to study for his economics degree. At the age of 71, he obtained his bachelor’s degree in economics. My grandfather told me that age is not a factor in determining when you stop learning and today Cotuto follows that same philosophy”.

The online hub allows students to search for classes while “on the go” or in the comforts of their home. Students can learn about class offerings by visiting Cotuto’s website, reading its community newsletter or by following their social media accounts.

Students can experience a wide range of classes offered on Cotuto including cooking classes with Chef Romy Prasad, Salsa Fundamentals with Nina Perez, or they can improve their fitness with Zumba classes at Sunberry Fitness. Lee has tried many of the classes offered on Cotuto including outdoor swimming and Spanish classes. Even so, Lee feels the Outdoor Survival class is the most interesting class listed on the platform. The program teaches students how to start a fire, purify water, and put up a shelter in the woods by themselves. More importantly, this class allows students to grow confidence and a sense of trust in themselves. “Our goal at Cotuto is to help you on your journey of unending personal growth,” says Lee.

Cotuto - Capoeira class

With more classes being added to Cotuto on a daily basis the only challenge becomes finding spaces to host Cotuto’s many classes and workshops. “We have knowledgeable instructors that love to teach. The only thing that is need is the right space to teach their craft. With Spacefy, instructors can easily find a space in their neighborhood that fits within their budget and that can hold the right amount of people,” says Lee. With the goal to have a Cotuto instructor in every city in Canada, Cotuto’s message of never stop learning is a way of life that everyone is beginning to adapt.

Learn more about Cotuto at: https://www.cotuto.com



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