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Spacefy Appoints Former eBay Executive as CEO

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Spacefy Appoints Former eBay Executive a...

Spacefy Team   |     11, Jan 2019

Stunning photography studios to unleash ...

Spacefy Team   |     06, Oct 2017

6 Unexpected 'hidden treasures’ in Toron...

Spacefy Team   |     21, Sep 2017

One Stop Shop for Production Locations

Spacefy Team   |     07, Sep 2017

Space Check: AstroLab Studios

Spacefy Team   |     06, Jul 2017

A packed Gyallery at Geary House

Spacefy Team   |     11, May 2017


Spacefy Team   |     11, May 2017

Community platform connects students and...

Spacefy Team   |     05, Apr 2017

Album Studio's secret sauce to success

Spacefy Team   |     03, Mar 2017

Fashion production agency looks to RE/SE...

Spacefy Team   |     23, Feb 2017

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