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We’ve endured over a year of lockdown life in throughout this pandemic and very little has been normal during these historic times. Finding success as a creative and an artist can be challenging on its own and has been especially hard throughout 2020 and into 2021. Truthfully, it's been incredibly difficult for the space owners on our platform, who have had to shut their doors during lockdowns and make major logistical adjustments to how they conduct business. Further, it's been exceptionally challenging for creatives around the world to both produce and monetize their work. For us at Spacefy, it’s been heartbreaking to see this happen to our community, from the devastating health impacts, both physically and emotionally, to the economic ramifications. We’ve also had to make some drastic moves in our own organization in order to survive this surreal and challenging period. Ultimately, we are all grateful to those at the front lines of the pandemic and essential workers everywhere for holding our communities and societies together. We can never thank you enough.

We are now turning our attention from surviving to thriving.

For a while, productions ground to a halt, but over time, the community found a way to persevere, and now the creative industry is becoming alive again as we are seeing more and more activity with projects, productions and classes. People have found ways to work safely in their respective industries and workplaces. Creative professionals have found opportunities to reinvent themselves by putting out their work in novel ways, finding success in an entirely new paradigm. Who would ever have thought we'd be watching our favourite artists on YouTube live streams, Zoom concerts, or collectively organized Twitch broadcasts? This past year showed us that creatives find a way to persist creating powerful content even amidst the chaos and strife of a global pandemic. But creatives are just that, creative. They will find solutions to complex problems through ingenuity and innovation.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank the creative community for keeping things moving and for moving us forward during these difficult times. The inspiration, entertainment and moments of normalcy they have provided all of us have been invaluable. Watching, listening, and consuming your content has helped keep people calm and hopeful particularly for those of us who have had to quarantine at one point or another.

Keep creating, keep making, keep putting wonderful things out there. We need it. We need you. We're excited about the future, and eagerly await what our community will create next!

Lastly, Hollywood often portrays the superhero as a rare and unique person with special powers. This past year has shown us, the real superheroes are the everyday people in hospitals and essential services who continue to fight so that we can one day get back to crowded sets, packed concerts, and elbow room only events and intimate living room parties. Thanks to these heroic efforts, those days are almost here. And when they arrive, we’ll be ready to do our part in connecting the community together. We have some big plans.

Until then, stay positive, stay creative, and stay safe.


Your Team at Spacefy


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