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Community platform connects students and...

Spacefy Team   |     05, Apr 2017

Jacob Morris| A symbol of resilience

Spacefy Team   |     22, Dec 2016

Standardized: A comedy series looking to...

Spacefy Team   |     15, Nov 2016

Spacefy Mic Check: Francois Klark

Spacefy Team   |     05, Nov 2015


Spacefy Team   |     29, Sep 2015

Spacefy Mic Check: Musideum's Donald Qua...

Spacefy Team   |     03, Sep 2015

Last Minute Hiccup Takes on a Creative C...

Spacefy Team   |     02, Sep 2015

SpaCefy Mic Check: one of Toronto's tren...

Spacefy Team   |     14, Aug 2015

Spacefy Mic Check: West & Social

Spacefy Team   |     03, Jul 2015

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