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The Smiling Buddha Plays Host to Canadian Music Week.

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The Smiling Buddha Plays Host to Canadia...

Spacefy Team   |     06, May 2015

Canadian Music Week - The Spaces on Spac...

Spacefy Team   |     05, May 2015


Spacefy Team   |     16, Apr 2015

Space Check: Black Devil MMA

Spacefy Team   |     14, Apr 2015

The Underground Garage goes Live: UG3 LI...

Spacefy Team   |     10, Apr 2015

Space Versatility: Live Music and Comedy...

Spacefy Team   |     02, Apr 2015

Space Check: Sea Perry @ Phase One

Spacefy Team   |     30, Mar 2015

The Rex: A space for Jazz and then some....

Spacefy Team   |     25, Mar 2015

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